Monday, May 19, 2014

Utah is the nerdiest state!

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I realize that this was making the rounds on Facebook a couple weeks ago, but this blog is brand new, and Red Day was last week, so I didn't have time to celebrate this yet. Estately recently harvested Facebook data to figure out, based on what people listed as interests, which was the nerdiest state in America. They then measured which state has the highest number of nerds per capita.

Utah was first place in Cosplay, Harry Potter, Star Wars, LARPing, Fantasy Literature, and Lord of the Rings. We came second in Star Trek and Dr. Who.

Dungeons and Dragons made the list of things they checked, but not Pathfinder. Not sure whether that would have changed anything, though.
Looks fun, right?
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A really big hint that we're a nerdy state is the fact that FanXperience, the Salt Lake Comic Con, had over 100,000 attendees, making it the largest convention ever held in Utah, and the third-largest Comic Con in the nation. We were beat out by California and New York, the former which has 13.2 times our population, and the latter which has 6.7 times our population.

Heck, even some of our realtors are a little bit geeky.

If you know what these are, we should definitely talk.

The point is, Utah is very friendly towards nerds, geeks, and anyone who cares about what the difference is between nerds and geeks.

Do you want to live in the geekiest state in America? Let's talk.

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