Friday, May 9, 2014

Bridal Veil Falls

You should visit Bridal Veil Falls this weekend. It's located here, and it's a beautiful time of year to visit.

It's just off the Provo River Trail, which is worthy of a post all in itself, and you can splash around in the pool at the base of the falls without anything that even resembles hiking. (There's parking right next to it.)

There's also a trailhead just east of the Falls that takes you up to about the halfway point. The trail only takes five or ten minutes to walk, and it gets you right into the spray. It's gorgeous.
This is the view of the mountains from the Bridal Veil Falls trail.

This is my wife and I. (Predicate nominative!) We're at the base of the falls, where the snow hasn't melted all the way yet.
This structure is at the top of the falls, and I'm not completely sure what it is. I've heard it was a restaurant with those tram-car doodads leading up to it. Do you know what it is? I'd love to do a Monday post about it. Let me know in the comments if you know anything.
I'm very proud of reaching the top of the short trail. For someone of my, um, build, that's an accomplishment!
A big thank-you to Kiffen, who took the great photographs. And to Rosalyn for helping with the editing.


  1. It looks beautiful! I'll have to hike up there real soon.

  2. Kudos for correct predicate nominative!