Friday, May 23, 2014

Brassa's Mexican Grill

This weekend you should go to Brassa's Mexican Grill located at 238 W 100 S in Provo. It's really good Mexican food. You should plan on spending about nine bucks if you go there, but you can get away for a lot cheaper if you just stick to the plan tacos, which clock in at about 1.75 each. But show up at 4 PM to get two tacos for the price of one!

The location is kinda funky. A cabin and a tent have a baby. Then you eat in the parking lot. It's fun, though.

I people just love pictures of food, so here's a taco!

And the only thing better than food is bewildered-looking babies next to food.
Special thanks to Clarissa for taking the pictures on this post. She's an up-and-coming photographer, so send her compliments!

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